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Our Customers Say

Brian and Lisa are wonderful hosts. We met Brian first when we arrived and interrupted his gardening . He graciously ( and maybe happily because it was so hot) left his work and gave us the tour of his home and property. He has a great sense of humor and didn't hesitate at all to make his new found guests comfortable with his witty remarks. We met Lisa later that afternoon and she was just as delightful. We spent some time sitting in the garden and just enjoying the beautiful bushes and … read more

Barb and Joan


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2013-05-03, 18:35
“Shhhhsh...don't tell Brian how good a deal this is.” An excellent value, a few minutes walking distance to downtown Wolfville. Good people, nothing too fussy, but all the nice touches are there...fresh sheets, towels and comfy bed, little Goat's milk soaps (if you're into that, like I am), tasty breakfasts -- scramby eggs and ham the first day, blueberry pancakes the next along with the requisite fruit cups and granola openers, of course. I was planning to travel on after the first night, but, no matter how far I travelled, I found myself back at the Garden House in Wolfville at the end of each day.
2013-05-03, 18:35
One of the best B&B experiences we've had (and we stay at a lot of them!). I selected it because in the pictures, it wasn't all lace and frills since my husband really dislikes over-the-top decorating. Brian was warm, welcoming and a great host. I really felt like this B&B was so incredibly comfortable and homelike. If you're in Wolfville, you can't go wrong with this B&B!
2013-05-03, 18:35
We were arriving in Wolfville without any booking and were happy to find a room at this place. It turned out to be one of the best B&B's we ever stayed in. Our room was huge and nicely furnished. Brian, the owner, made the stay perfect, by showing us his passion for the job, telling us a lot about Nova Scotia, Canada and his life.

Breakfast at the big table was a great experience, you get to talk to fellow travellers and a nice atmosphere is created. We ended up spending over an hour at the table.
Karin Murray-Bergquist
2013-03-25, 21:31
My sister and I stayed here two years ago and it is the place in Wolfville that I would go back to if I were visiting again -- it's lovely but not overdone, the hosts were kind and amiable and the location is charming. Breakfast was delicious.
Linda MacDonald and Odette Murphy
2013-02-06, 18:54
Went to Wolfville from Hfx to attend a concert at Acadia early February and stayed overnight at this jewel of a B&B. So MUCH more character than a hotel. Lovely rooms...fanTAStic hosts...and the best darn breakfast jams (Ginger Marmalade and Wild Blueberry jam) we have ever had!
Sarah & Alana
2012-09-09, 17:36
My mom and I recently spent one night (last minute decision due to our late arrival in Wolfville!!!) at the Garden House B & B. We were pleasantly surprised that there was still one room available. Our room was very cute and Brian was an excellent host. The breakfast was delicious and we highly recommend this lovely spot to our friends!
2012-05-27, 17:51
So beautiful, so friendly, we like it...
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